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Shenzhen Yi Xin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd provide CNC customized processing services, quick quotation in 2 hours, and provide personalized customized suggestions for your ideas by a R&D team of 16 professional engineers.

Custom Design CNC Machining

Machinable material
  • aluminum alloy
  • stainless steel
  • magnesium alloy
  • titanium alloy
  • zinc alloy
  • copper parts
  • steel parts
  • plastic parts
  • nickel alloy
  • customized materials
Surface treatment process
  • spray paint
  • stove varnish
  • dust
  • sand blast
  • Shot blasting
  • anodize
  • Thick film oxidation
  • microarc oxidation
  • electroplate
  • electrophoresis
  • Laser carving
  • silk-screen
  • draw wire
  • mirror finish
  • dye
  • turn black
  • code division
  • etch
  • highlight
  • Etched grain
  • Glue dropping
Shenzhen Yi Xin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd believes that in the new product development stage, there are three most important considerations for CNC customized processing: the economic rationality of structural design in line with actual processing, the formulation of process flow, and the choice of materials and surface treatment. Once these three points are effectively confirmed, CNC processing will be no problem, and finally, quality control will be achieved.
The customized processing flow is as follows:
[Before processing: discuss technology → program → test materials]
Discuss the craft

Customized processing technology: Our engineer team customized the most economical and reasonable processing technology according to customer's needs. For major projects, we will discuss with customers and provide constructive suggestions to customers from the aspects of structure, material selection, surface treatment, etc. We don't feel difficult and cumbersome, but only want to give customers the best help in new product development and CNC customized processing, and at the same time, it is also self-improvement.

CNC programming

Engineering master with more than 10 years' experience in programming, including MASTERCAM ,UG,POWERMILL, and other engineering software including CAD, PROE and SolidWorks. YMP adopts dynamic milling technology, which improves the efficiency of rough machining by 50% compared with the traditional CNC. Eight patents of clamping technology are dedicated to fast clamping of complex products, precision products and batch products.

1st Inspection procedure-raw material inspection

There are many types and models of hardware materials, which are difficult to distinguish from each other on the surface, such as SUS304 and SUS316. different models have different physical properties. before YMP is processed, it is necessary to use spectral material analyzer to detect raw materials, so as to ensure that customers can use real raw materials, which provides another guarantee for the quality of products with physical properties.

[During processing: tool inspection → process inspection]
2nd Inspection procedure-tool inspection

CNC operators of YMP will do one more thing-before processing, check the flatness of the cutting edge and the concentricity of the cutting tool after it is installed in the cutter head, control the risk brought by the cutting tool before processing, and save the step of checking concentricity on CNC machine, which improves the processing efficiency.

3rd Inspection procedures-self-inspection by operators

When the CNC program is finished, the operator will self-check on the machine to ensure that it is correct, and then go to the next program or get off the machine to control the quality of each process

4th Inspection procedures-patrol inspection

The inspectors conduct random inspection on the semi-finished products in the process to ensure the qualified rate of the products again

[After processing: post-treatment → inspection → surface treatment → inspection → packaging and shipment]
Remove burrs and wear front

For some special-shaped parts and complex parts, trim the front by hand to ensure that the products are smooth and free of water chestnut. For precision parts and batch parts, YMP advocates that they can be processed on machines, and try not to handle them by hand.

5th Inspection procedure

According to the requirements of product shape and tolerance, colleagues in the quality department choose three-dimensional and two-dimensional precision instruments, such as height meter and micrometer, to measure all dimensions of products to ensure that the dimensions of products meet the requirements of customer drawings

Customized surface treatment

After the products have passed the inspection by colleagues in the quality department, they will be treated according to the needs of customers, such as sandblasting, oxidation, powder spraying, baking paint, electroplating, screen printing, laser carving, etc., and various colors can be customized according to the needs of customers.

6th Inspection procedure

Oxidation and electroplating will have a tolerance of 0.01mm for products with strict tolerance requirements, and powder spraying and painting will have a tolerance of about 0.05 mm. Therefore, we will conduct dimensional inspection again for all products after surface treatment to ensure that the dimensions after surface treatment are within the precision range required by customers.

Custom packaging & shipment

After all sizes are tested to be qualified, take photos to customers for confirmation before packaging and shipping. For some high-end products, we can provide customers with customized packaging with LOGO; For fragile or heavy products, you can customize reasonable and safe packaging methods, such as cartons or wooden cases.

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What you need to know: What factors affect the processing cost?
The price of CNC machining parts depends on the following points:
Processing time
The longer it takes to process parts, the higher the cost. Processing time is usually the main cost reason of CNC machining.
Surface and structure
Multi-curved products need to be clamped and processed on multiple sides, or processed by 4-axis and 5-axis machines to minimize the number of curved surfaces; In structure, for example, the close bone position will increase the cost of processing time, and the internal right angle will increase the cost of discharge angle cleaning.
Materials and surface treatment
Different materials have different costs. For example, among hardware materials, steel is the cheapest, magnesium alloy is the lightest, aluminum alloy has good performance, stainless steel has good performance but sticks to the knife, and titanium alloy is expensive and difficult to process; Those whose surfaces need electroplating and oxidation treatment have high requirements on the quality of raw materials, and the surface effect of the blank is also very good, and powder spraying can cover slightly larger defects, etc.
Other manufacturing costs
There is a risk of deformation or scrapping when processing slender workpieces with thin wall thickness; Non-standard precision holes and non-standard threads may require special tools, more precise quality control and more processing steps-at a lower processing speed. This will of course affect the total manufacturing time (and price).
Customized tools
Angular holes require special fixture or indexing plate processing.