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  • Precision parts, what are precision parts? and what is precision machining?
    Customers often ask me if I can meet the product accuracy requirement of 1~2um. Our answer is no, after all, precision machining is a type of CNC processing, and the machine itse...

  • With the development of modern aerospace industry, the demand for CNC machining of aerospace parts becomes more and more obvious. Since it is an aerospace part, its material requirements and processing requirements are very strict, so as to ensure safety,...

  • With the rapid development of the machinery industry, the precision of equipment parts is required to be higher and higher, and how to control the problem of reducing errors has become a necessary survival skill for precision parts processing plants. So h...

  • What is CNC machining? What kind of products can be CNC machined? What is the precision of CNC machining? These problems are well understood by insiders, but not by outsiders. Yi Xin Precision Tech is a machining factory with 20 years of experience, and I...

  • With the rapid development of science and technology and the industrial economy in recent years, aluminum alloy has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery manufacturing, shipping, and chemical industries....