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What Are The Material Requirements For Your Precision CNC Machining Requirements?

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In the market, there are thousands of materials suitable for CNC machining, but they are only common cutting machining. If the precision of products is high, then not all materials are suitable.

The hardness of some materials is too high, which exceeds the hardness of CNC machining, which may lead to product cracking during machining;

 CNC machining aerospace parts workshop

Some materials are too soft, which will lead to sticking knives under high-speed CNC operation, and the accuracy is difficult to guarantee;

However, plastic has great toughness and elasticity, poor controllability during processing, and large processing tolerance. So what kind of material is suitable for precision CNC machining?

Precision CNC machining products

Precision CNC machining products

Metal materials are generally used for precision CNC machining. For metal materials in a natural state, stainless steel has the highest hardness, followed by cast iron, copper, and aluminum. When the hardness of some steel materials is not enough, heat treatment can be carried out, which can improve the hardness or relieve stress. Whether it is the natural material hardness or hardness after heat treatment, it should not exceed the hardness that CNC machining can bear.

Precision CNC machining and production

Precision CNC machining and production

If your products also need precision CNC machining, you should know that the higher the hardness of materials, the higher the hardness, the longer the machining time and the higher the cost.

Of course, what you need is a sophisticated high-end product, so you can understand its processing cost. Only high-quality products can meet today's high-living society!