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Things You Don't Know About Custom Design Machining Parts

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CNC Machining process is the combination of machining process of parts and assembly process of machines.

The production process of machining is the whole process of making raw materials (or semi-finished products) into products, including the transportation and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, blank manufacturing, parts processing and heat treatment, product assembly, and debugging, surface treatment, and packaging, etc.

Mechanical processing equipment and products

Mechanical processing equipment and products

Materials to be prepared before machining: 2D and 3D drawings, quality acceptance standards, process formulation, risk assessment, etc.

The amount of machining is usually divided into three categories:

1. Proofing production: single piece or several pieces, producing products with different structures and sizes, suitable for the research and development stage;

2. Small batch production: produce dozens or hundreds of pieces at one time, which is used to test the market reaction and is suitable for trial production;

3. Mass production: A large number of products are processed repeatedly, which is usually suitable for a certain process and needs mechanical processing to improve it. Usually, few people machine finished products in large quantities, and choose mold opening to reduce costs.

Mechanical processing equipment and products

Advantages of machining: it can meet the precision and surface requirements of products, and the effect of finished products with mold opening is not much different; It can save the cost and time in the research and development stage and let the products be put into the market as soon as possible;

The quantity is flexible, and when the product effect is not satisfactory, the drawing file can be modified immediately to find the problem; Flexible process, which can meet the demand by combining multiple processes;

Machining is widely used in most industries! Just provide drawings or ideas, we can meet your finished product requirements for you.