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Secret Of Developing High-quality CNC Processing Plant Revealed By A Purchaser!

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As a development purchaser, the most purchased products are newly developed products. From proofing to small batch trial production, every design change and every modification can not be separated from CNC parts processing. There are so many processing plants in the industry, how to choose the one suitable for your company? This development and procurement person shared the know-how on how to choose the right High-quality CNC processing manufacturer.

High-quality CNC products

High-quality CNC products

First, according to the material, there is a difference between hardware manufacturers and plastic manufacturers. Manufacturers who make plastic templates and parts can disassemble or manually process parts that are not high in size and cannot be processed.

General machines do not need High-quality tools, and ordinary white steel knives are used; For those who do High-quality CNC machining, the requirements for machines and tools are relatively high, because the processed materials are mostly aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper and other materials, which are relatively hard. The higher the end of machines and tools, the better the precision and surface finish of products.

Surface treatment of High-quality CNC machining

Surface treatment of High-quality CNC machining

Secondly, according to the process, the processing of hardware precision parts is affected by material factors. For positions with precise and complex structure, besides CNC machining, it also needs the cooperation of EDM wire cutting, grinding machine and other processes, as well as surface treatment such as anodic oxidation, electrophoresis, Teflon spraying, electroplating and sandblasting; In addition to CNC and compound mold, the plastic parts process is 3D printing, without the above process.

Number of High-quality CNC machining

Number of High-quality CNC machining

Third, according to the number, if the number is less than 10 pieces, you can choose the hardware hand board factory;

If the quantity is more than 1000 pieces, you can consider mold opening and mass production, or a large hardware processing factory;

CNC machining aerospace parts workshop

If the quantity is 10-1000 pieces, the quantity of mass production is not up to standard, and the quantity of proofing is too much, you can find a High-quality CNC processing factory specializing in small batch like Yi Xin Precision.

Yi Xin Precision has ISO9001:2019 quality certification, has rich experience in High-quality CNC machining, likes to challenge difficult products, and has complete surface treatment. Contact Yi Xin Precision in the development process to give you the most reasonable design suggestions, provide you with hand boards and small batch production, so that your products can have more bargaining power and competitiveness in front of customers!