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CNC processing technology

  • Machining includes many machining methods, such as CNC machining, lathe machining, milling machine machining, grinder machining, wire cutting machining, EDM and so on. So, how much precision can these different processing methods achieve? Do you know ever...

  • Shenzhen Yi Xin Precision Tech is a CNC machining manufacturer that specially assigned for reception, timely reply to the consultation, a complete list of processing and testing equipment, and willing to let you visit and inspect at any time, but the proc...

  • Stainless steel has unique strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and other superior properties, so it can be widely used in the automobile industry, medical industry, robot industry, electrical industry, mechanical equipment industry, and so on...

  • With the rapid development of modern society, the application of aluminum alloy cavities is more and more extensive, and the quality and efficiency of machining, which is the main processing technology, have attracted much attention. So how to improve the...

  • In the market, there are thousands of materials suitable for CNC machining, but they are only common cutting machining. If the precision of products is high, then not all materials are suitable.
    The hardness of some materials is too high, which exceeds t...