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Following These Principles In CNC Machining Parts Can Greatly Reduce The Machining Cost

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CNC machining is also known as NC processing, which uses a CNC machining center to carve and mill raw materials into the final shape of parts or products. Yi Xin Precision Tech has been focusing on parts machining for 20 years, and has rich machining experience for CNC machined parts. In CNC machining parts, the following principles are generally followed to reduce costs.

Equipment and engineering team for CNC machining parts

1. roughing before finishing, which can ensure accuracy and smoothness;

2. Machining the surface first and then machining the hole position;

3. The hole position should be milled first, and then the drill should be selected if it can not be milled. If it can be made at one time, it can reduce the time of repeated clamping and the error caused by positioning;

4. For cavity products, the inner cavity is processed first and then the shape is processed;

5. The diameter of cutting tools varies from big to small because of the different sequence of working procedures.

6. arranging the same fixture and jig together can reduce the cost of manufacturing fixture and the time of repeated clamping;

7. Thin products should be roughed first, and then placed for a period of time before finishing, which can reduce deformation;

8. Heat-treated products should be roughed first, leaving allowance for heat treatment, and then come back for finishing;

9. For products requiring surface treatment (such as oxidation, electroplating, powder spraying, etc.), the allowance shall be reserved according to the corresponding surface treatment during processing, so as to ensure that the surface treatment can meet the size requirements required by customers.

10. Parameter setting should be primary and secondary.

cnc machining parts

CNC machining parts

There are many materials and processes involved in CNC machining parts, so various problems will be encountered during machining. With rich experience, we can deal with them excellently.

Our engineer team of Yi Xin Precision Tech has 12 years of experience in CNC machining parts, and is good at machining complex and multifaceted products, and dares to challenge others to do things they are unwilling to do!