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What Do You Know About Stainless Steel Machining?

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Stainless steel has unique strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and other superior properties, so it can be widely used in the automobile industry, medical industry, robot industry, electrical industry, mechanical equipment industry, and so on. Now, the application prospect of stainless steel has been more and more optimistic!

As a stainless steel engraving factory -Yi Xin Precision Tech, can perfectly process a square piece of stainless steel into parts required by various industries. Yi Xin Precision Tech is a professional stainless steel machining factory.

Stainless steel machined batch parts

Stainless steel machining workshop and spectrometer detection

Stainless steel machining technology is a technology that can quickly realize stainless steel products. As a professional stainless steel machining manufacturer, we must know all kinds of physical and chemical properties of stainless steel, such as its hardness, what kind of tools are needed for machining, such as its composition, how to protect it, and what kind of surface treatment is suitable for it.

These are related to the application of the whole product. Yi Xin Precision Tech stainless steel machining is equipped with professional material composition testing equipment-spectrometer, and a hardness testing equipment-hardness tester, which can help you use real materials that meet the performance of your products.

Stainless steel machined batch parts

Stainless steel machined batch parts

Due to the special properties of stainless steel, machining is slightly more difficult than light metals such as aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. Yi Xin Precision Tech has had rich machining experience in the stainless steel machining industry since its establishment in 2001. If you know more about stainless steel machining, please contact us!