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Titanium Alloy Parts Series Processed by CNC

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CNC machining is a machining method that can quickly realize customer design, because its process is flexible, and when customers need to meet product performance requirements, CNC machining can also meet, for example, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, steel, and other materials can be processed. Let's talk about the CNC machining of titanium alloy parts.

cnc machining titanium alloy parts

CNC machining titanium alloy parts

The special properties of titanium alloy, such as high strength and high thermal strength, make it difficult for CNC machining. However, due to its excellent corrosion resistance, low-temperature performance, and lightweight, it has been used in aerospace, navigation, petroleum development, medical equipment, metallurgy, electric power, and other fields.

When machining titanium alloy by CNC, the cutting ability is weak, hard tools and long processing time are needed, and the material price is high, so the machining cost of titanium alloy parts is higher than that of other alloy materials of aluminum alloy.

Programming engineer and processing master of CNC processing factory

When CNC machining titanium alloy parts, in addition to special tools and tapping, engineers who specialize in new precision will pay special attention to process setting and program writing; The machinist needs to keep an eye on the machining at all times, pay attention to the wear and tear of the feed and cutting tools at all times, and use high-pressure and large-flow cutting fluid, etc.

Shenzhen Yi Xin Precision' s CNC machining has processed titanium alloy medical devices and human body parts for more than 50 medical customers, and provided titanium alloy parts for more than 20 aviation and navigation customers. If you are also interested in CNC machining of titanium alloy parts, welcome to join us for discussion!