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New Energy Automobile Parts Processing -Weiou Has Been Doing It

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With the world energy crisis and environmental pollution becoming more and more serious, in order to improve the automobile exhaust pollution problem, new energy vehicles have been developed, which replace petroleum and gasoline with energy with less air pollution.

The new energy vehicles also require lightweight, which means reducing the maintenance quality as much as possible and ensuring the manufacturing cost within a reasonable range on the premise of ensuring the strength and safety performance, so as to achieve both safety and economy. What contribution can the parts processing industry make to automobile lightweight?

New energy automobile parts processing

New energy automobile parts processing

First of all, the materials for parts processing are lightweight materials such as high-strength steel, magnesium-aluminum alloy, high-performance plastics and carbon fiber composite materials; And has that authenticity of spectrometer detection;

Secondly, the difference in design and process, the application of lightweight new materials, and the application of new design concepts, structural design, forming process, performance evaluation and verification methods.

Finally, the surface treatment and assembly should be environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and the assembly requirements can meet the complex assembly problems of different structures.

Testing of Processing Materials for New Energy Automobile Parts

Testing of Processing Materials for New Energy Automobile Parts

Yi Xin Precision parts processing has served new energy vehicles for many years, and has a deep understanding of the design concept and structure of new energy vehicles and other supplies, and can cooperate with customers to deal with material problems (Yi Xin Precision can process 478 kinds of materials available in the market), structural process problems (precision technical engineers who have been learning and improving for 20 years), surface treatment and assembly problems (high-quality surface treatment cooperative factory with fixed cooperation and hand-held assembly master with 10 years experience).

Yi Xin Precision parts processing will always support the development of China's new energy industry before, now and even in the future, and contribute its own strength!