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How To Avoid Collision Caused By Programming In CNC Machining

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Friends who know the CNC machining industry know that when the programming engineer introduces the written program into the CNC machine controller, the machining will be completely cut according to the program, which shows the importance of programming, which will affect the machining efficiency and quality.

When the operation is completely correct and there is a mistake, it must be a problem with the programming. So how are these mistakes caused and how should they be avoided?

CNC machining programming and machining

CNC machining programming and machining

According to Yi Xin Precision' s routine CNC machining, I summarized the problems of collision in programming and the avoidance methods as follows:

1. If the safety height is insufficient or not set, the height of the workpiece should be accurately measured to ensure that the safety height is above the workpiece.

2. The tool on the program list and the actual program tool are written incorrectly, and the written program should be carefully checked before writing.

3. The tool length (blade length) on the program sheet and the actual machining depth are incorrectly written. The actual machining depth on the workpiece should be measured, and the length and edge length of the cutter should be clearly written on the program sheet.

4. If the depth Z-axis data retrieval and actual Z-axis data retrieval on the program sheet are written incorrectly or the coordinate setting is wrong, the actual Z-axis data retrieval on the workpiece should be made clear on the program sheet. (This operation is a general manual operation, which should be checked repeatedly.).

Discussion on CNC machining problems

Discussion on CNC machining problems

When CNC products collide with each other, everyone is very sad, which means that the products are facing the risk of scrapping. For us, it wastes processing time and cost, and for customers, it means wasting energy and delaying opportunities.

Yi Xin Precision summarizes the experience of CNC machining in the past 20 years, and finds out the root of the problem for the first time, and puts forward the avoidance plan. It is not terrible to encounter the problem, but terrible to find out the reason and solve it! Do you agree?