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Precision Machining-Skilled Operation, Get Twice The Result With Half The Effort!

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"Bang", the plane crashed. What happened when the plane crashed during precision machining? Under the condition that the programming and equipment are normal, the collision is the cause of the operation, and the consequences of the collision are very serious, which leads to the scrapping of the processed products, delays the time, damages the machine, and increases the cost, so it is necessary to operate carefully during machining. What are the causes of the collision caused by machining operation?

Error in setting the depth z-axis.

Errors in the number of hits and operands in the division (for example, the feed radius is not taken in one-sided data taking, etc.).

CNC machining aerospace parts workshop

Use the wrong knife (for example, this is easy to make mistakes, and D6 is processed with D8).

The program went wrong and didn't go in order.

Hand wheel shakes in the wrong direction during manual operation (not skilled enough).

Press the wrong direction during manual fast feeding (for example, -X press x).

In the precision machining operation

In the precision machining operation

These are problems that seem to be very simple and easy to make mistakes in precision machining. Depending on the degree of care of each person, the following small series also summarizes some operational skills to avoid mistakes:

Depth Z-axis alignment must pay attention to which position the alignment is on the bottom surface, top surface, analysis surface, etc.

Repeated inspection (earnest and careful) should be carried out after the completion of the number of points and operations.

When clamping the tool, it should be installed after repeated check with the program list and program.

Procedures should go one by one in order.

When operating by hand, the operator himself should strengthen the operating proficiency of the machine tool.

When moving quickly manually, the Z-axis can be raised above the workpiece before moving.

Precision machining to solve problems

Precision machining to solve problems

When machining, it is fixed according to the program operation, and can't be changed flexibly, but people can, and everyone who does precision machining should have correct technology and serious working attitude when operating, and master the operation skills to be responsible for the processed products. It is our standard to do everything well with heart!