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What Kind Of Parts Are Suitable For Precision Machining?

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Precision parts, what are precision parts? and what is precision machining?

Customers often ask me if I can meet the product accuracy requirement of 1~2um. Our answer is no, after all, precision machining is a type of CNC processing, and the machine itself will have errors, so it is impossible to ensure that every dimension meets such standards.

Maybe a certain position can be achieved by special secondary finishing, such as holes or shafts. However, Yi Xin Precision generally does not promise customers easily, and we will say that our best accuracy is 5~10um. Instead of setting too high expectations for customers, it is better to be practical and do what we can do.

Testing of precision machining products

Testing of precision machining products

Usually, there are not many products with u-grade precision. Such precision parts are generally used in precision testing equipment, and the equipment for processing these parts is often used for processing a certain type of parts, but cannot make multi-category products.

Precision machining is suitable for precision parts processing, and its advantages are multi-category, complexity, flexible quantity, and so on. For every customer, the cost is very important. Choosing different processing methods for different parts can save a lot of costs.

Precision machined products

Precision machined products

Yi Xin Precision machining, not only the precision can reach 5~10um, but also we can help you detect materials, do various surface treatments, assembly, etc.

Once your design is handed over to us, we can provide you with finished products! Precision machining, only do what suits you, only do what customers are satisfied with, and only do what both sides win!