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What Kind of Products Are Suitable for CNC Machining?

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What is CNC machining? What kind of products can be CNC machined? What is the precision of CNC machining? These problems are well understood by insiders, but not by outsiders. Yi Xin Precision Tech is a machining factory with 20 years of experience, and I also have many years of experience and knows a lot about CNC machining. Now I will give you a brief analysis of CNC machining.

CNC machine equipment processing

CNC machine equipment processing

CNC machining is a kind of processing technology, which can be roughly divided into the following two ways:

① Milling with strong feed: machining on a machine tool, setting the machining depth according to the machine tool, and controlling the precision of the workpiece. It is characterized by precise shape and high efficiency.

② Pressure feeding mode: Grinding tools, such as grinding wheels, selectively process the protruding parts on the workpiece surface, thus improving the accuracy. When machining simple shapes such as plane, ball, and cylinder, if we pay attention to the shape and precision of grinding tools, the machining precision can be better than that of machine tools. Its disadvantages are lack of shape imparting and long processing time.

CNC machining irregular products

CNC machining irregular products

CNC machining can process all kinds of regular and irregular products, such as round, square, arc, etc., as long as the cutter can go to the place, the machining accuracy depends on the different use requirements of customers, and different methods are selected according to different precision. The general machining standards are as follows:

Machining standard tolerance

Machining standard tolerance

If you want to know about machining, if you don't know what kind of process your products need to realize, please contact us immediately. We are a professional CNC machining factory!