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Aerospace Industry Aluminum Parts Assembly, OEM CNC Machining
Aerospace Industry Aluminum Parts Assembly, OEM CNC Machining

Aerospace Industry Aluminum Parts Assembly, OEM CNC Machining

China Aerospace Industry Aluminum Parts Assembly, OEM CNC Machining, Find details about China CNC Machining Parts, Machined Parts from Aerospace Industry Aluminum Parts Assembly, OEM CNC Machining - Shenzhen Yi Xin Precision Technology Co,. Ltd....

Product Details

Production Details

Business Type OEM& ODM Manufacturer (Custom CNC Machining Services)
Standard JIS, ANSI
Products Range Automobile parts,wind power generation equipment accessories,wind power generation equipment accessories, ER fluid, medical apparatus and instruments, standardization of custom, moto parts, machinery parts, lighting components, hardware accessories, electric motor products, etc.
Agricultural machinery, electrical appliances, furniture hardware
Materials 1.Stainless Steel: SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316 etc.
2.Carbon Steel: AISI 1045, 9SMnPb28 etc
3.Brass: C36000 (C26800), C37700 (HPb59), C38500(HPb58), C27200(CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40) etc.
4.Bronze:C51000, C52100, C54400, etc.
5.Iron:Grey iron and ductile iron
6.Aluminum:6061, 6063,7075,5052 etc.
Machining cleaning, turning, milling, drilling, grinding
Main equipments CNC lathe, cnc milling, stamping machine,
automatic lathe, grinder, thread rolling machine, tapping
drilling machine, bending machine, etc
Measuring & testing equipments Profile Projector, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Vickers Hardness Tester, Roughness Tester, Salt Spray Test Machine, Micrometers, height gauge, etc.
Accuracy Accuracy Of Machining:+/-0.005mm
Accuracy Of Grinding:+/-0.005mm
Surface Roughness:Ra0.8
Surface Treatment: Polishing, Deburring, Chrom Plate, Ni Plated, Zine plated, Silver platinng
Clear anodizing, Anodizing black, Carburizing Nitriding, Heat Treatment, etc...
MOQ 1 Pcs. Depending on detailed orders. Accept order for small batches.
QC System 100% Inspection before shipment
Certificate ISO9001: 2008,TS16949,SGS Factory Audit
Payment Term 30%T/T+70%T, Western Union, PayPal, L/C
Trade Terms FOB,CIF,L/C
Lead time 12~45 days after confirming
Sample Lead Time 3-7 Working Days. We supply free sample
Transport Package Full consideration of practical situation: foam/wooden box, anti-rust paper, small box and carton, etc.
Our Advantages Reliable Quality
Competitive Price High precision, high quality, tight tolerance
Continuous Improvement
Defect-Free Products
On-Time Delivery
Customer Satisfaction
Excellent After-Sales Service

Equipment List

We has professional equipments - Yi Xin Precision Production Machinery Equipment List

No. Name Model Q'TY Equipment Manufacturer System Size Spec./ Range of Work Machine Accuracy
1 CNC lathe Lynx225 6 DOOSA (Korea) FANUC 200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
2 CNC lathe 6132 4 Shanghai SIGMA GSK980TDb ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
3 CNC lathe 6136 20 Shanghai SIGMA GSK980TDb ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
4 CNC lathe 6150 1 Shanghai SIGMA GSK980TDb ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
5 CNC lathe 6312 4 Shanghai SIGMA GSK980TDb ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
6 CNC lathe CM-36 2 Gong Tie SYNTEC-3TA ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
7 CNC lathe GT-36 6 Gong Tie SYNTEC-6TA ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
8 CNC lathe GT-4000 2 Gong Tie SYNTEC-6TA ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
9 CNC lathe S36 4 Gong Tie SYNTEC-21TA ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
10 CNC lathe S36C 12 Gong Tie SYNTEC-21TA ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
11 CNC lathe S400 2 Gong Tie SYNTEC-21TA ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
12 CNC lathe 6351A 2 Zhejiang GSK980TDb ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
13 CNC lathe 3210S 4 Jiangxi GSK986TDa ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
14 CNC lathe SPYDER-6C 2 SCANVIA Mitsubishi ∮200*500 (D*L) 0.005mm
15 CNC turning & milling lathe   4 Juxing WASHING    
16 CNC precision automatic lathe(Swiss-type lathe) STAR-20 9 STAR (Japan) FANUC ∮20*200 (D*L) 0.0025mm
17 CNC precision automatic lathe(Swiss-type lathe) A20 2 Citizen (Japan) FANUC 1000*500*530 0.0025mm
18 CNC machining center CMV920 1 DOOSA (Korea) FANUC 920*510*510 0.0025mm
19 CNC machining center DNM415 1 DOOSA (Korea) FANUC 762*435*510 0.0025mm
20 CNC machining center DNM500 1 DOOSA (Korea) FANUC 1000*500*530 0.0025mm
21 CNC machining center DNM655 1 DOOSA (Korea) FANUC 1270*670*625 0.0025mm
22 CNC machining center V435 1 DOOSA (Korea) FANUC 560*430*570 0.0025mm
23 CNC machining center VA3 2 TSUGAMI(Japan) FANUC 650*400*350 0.0025mm
24 CNC machining center 850B 2 Jie Yong Da FANUC 1000*500*530 0.0025mm
25 CNC engraving and milling machine JK-40M 2 Jin Hua   400*600*400(L*W*H) 0.005mm
26 Surface grinder M7130H 1 Hangzhou   2270*1900*2300 0.01mm
27 Cylindrical grinder M1412 1 Wuxi   320*800 0.01mm
28 Centerless grinder M1040 1 Wuxi   2270*1900*2300 0.01mm
29 Centerless grinder MT1040A 1 Wuxi   2270*1900*2300 0.01mm
30 Hook shot blasting machine Q372 1 Wuxi      
31 Ultrasonic Cleaner JTM-8120AD 1 GTSONIC      
32 Ultrasonic Cleaner   1 Zhangjiagang      
33 Sand blasting machine SJK9070 1 Changzhou      
34 Vibration grinder Large 1        
35 Vibration grinder Small 1        
36 Laser marking machine CT-LMG50 1 Yancheng      
37 K01 Screw Machine TA-VFD-30A 1 TOPTEK      
38 K02 Screw Machine DL-20A 1 DELI      
Total 110


1.Q: Are you Factory or Trade company?

A: We are professional factory,so our price is very competitive ex-factory price, and you are welcome to visit the factory.

2. Q: How about the quality of your product?

A: 100% inspection during production.

3. Q: What kinds of machining service do you have?

A: Gringing, Machining, CNC milling and turning, CNC milling, CNC
metal, grinding, stamping, casting and forging parts, assembly service.

4. Q: What material of the product can you supply?

A: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper or according to your requirement.

5. Q: What's the delivery time?

A: For products in stock, within 5-7 days after receiving your payment. For custom order, about 20-35 days after confirmed every details.

6. Q: What's your packing?

Full consideration of practical situation: foam/wooden box, anti-rust paper, small box and carton, etc.

7. Q: What about the warranty?

A: We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well with
PE Foam and carton box+wood pallet to make sure the goods in well protection.

8.How to order High Precision OEM and Customized Machining Parts for Industrial Machinery ?

* You send us drawing or sample
* We carry through project assessment
* We give you a design
* You think the design is ok
* We make the sample and send it to you
* You think the sample is good then place an order and pay us 30% deposit
* We start to make the product

9.Do you provide customized Machining parts?

Yes. Customers give us drawings and specifications, and we will manufact accordingly.

Aerospace Industry Aluminum Parts Assembly
Aerospace Industry Aluminum Parts Assembly
Aerospace Industry Aluminum Parts Assembly
Aerospace Industry Aluminum Parts Assembly